Centre for Legal Studies

Gaetano D’Avino, Director of the Study Centre “Legal instruments to combat organised crime”, which will be set up at the confiscated property, says:“it is a phenomenon of the mafias, that must be read and studied also in its dimensions and dynamics of international development: by now the camorra, the ‘ndrangheta, the mafia, are no longer relegated in a provincial, regional, territorial, precise and identifiable.The development of these criminal phenomena is linked to the large financial resources accumulated, and to the need, to multiply them, to make them turn and turn quickly without any geographical limitation. Many are – continues D’Avino – the recorded data that reveal, with the support of geo-criminal maps and judicial material provided by the investigative bodies, the economic colonisation mafia still in existence beyond the national borders. Some flaws in the National Security System have allowed the spread of Italian criminal organisations abroad, thus allowing their survival and expansion.We must note that the mafias, if they continue to develop abroad, is certainly due to their immense wealth of wealth, but also the incredible legislative disparity between the States and the excessive delay in the organisational and communication capacity between the Law Enforcement Agencies of the various countries With the Study and Research Centre – concludes D’Avino – you will want to deepen this international dimension by hiring mafias to offer an academic contribution to the unceasing work of the Magistrates and the Police Forces constantly engaged in fighting them and in opposing their development…».