Exhibition camorra and anticamorra

Bruno De Stefano, Director of the exhibition “Camorra and anticamorra: stories of criminals, heroes and innocent victims” highlights:“In telling the Camorra often we prefer to use only one point of view: either that of the “good” or that of the “bad”. It is a simplification that easily touches the emotional strings, but that in fact does not allow us to understand all the facets of a very complex phenomenon that has long affected Naples, its hinterland and other areas of Campania. . With the exhibition promoted by Finetica Onlus – continues De Stefano – a different choice was made: to put together the stories of the main protagonists of the one and the other front, with the aim of providing the widest possible picture of what has happened in recent decades in our region. We decided to tell the stories not only of the bloodiest bosses, but also those of the criminals who, after having sown death and pain, decided to change their lives by collaborating with the State. And we told the stories of those who fought the Camorra and of those who paid with their lives for their courageous commitment against lawlessness. To complete the reconstruction of the events of the last fifty years – concludes De Stefano – we have finally remembered the innocents murdered in a war that they had not decided to fight, unarmed citizens foreign to the criminal logics whose lives have been cut down by stray bullets or by resounding mistakes in person».