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The hotel Libera Gioventù was born from property confiscated from the Camorra and returned to the Community…

The structure has been redesigned in a versatile and flexible way, so that it can be transformed and easily adapted, over the years, as the trends in the way young Europeans travel change.

The concept of accommodation and services that you intend to offer will tend to evolve towards an increasingly mixed and plural hospitality, while ensuring the young guests an excellent price – quality, in a unique atmosphere and very different from that of normal hotels, characterised by socialised , the encounter, the exchange between cultures, stories and memories, all expressions of a concept of ethical tourism, responsible and solidarity, connected not only to other Italian hostels, but also to the more than 5,000 structures that join the European Hostelling International movement and the Erasmus Programmes of the European Union. On the other hand, the international dimension can easily be seen from the proximity of Villa Cesarano to three strong poles of foreign tourism: the Vesuvius National Park, the excavations of Pompeii and those of Ancient Oplontis.

Vesuvius and the Roman cities of Pompeii and Oplontis, first destroyed by the devastating force of the volcanic eruption and then re-emerged, represent in some way the indissoluble and mysterious link between life and death, which then becomes life again and questions of meaning. A bond that produces research, culture and memory; in retracing a story, which is then the story of each, even more so than those young people who are more attentive to the paths of conscious formation – through the journey – of their own identity and adult personality.

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Useful Info

The Hotel Libera Gioventù offers different types of rooms to meet every need of its guests.

Each type offers a series of services included by booking directly from the Website including air conditioning, private bathroom and breakfast at the exclusive McDonald’s Mc Café which is only a few steps away.

Places of interest: distance time

Pompeii Km 1,2 – 15 min. walk
Villa dei Misteri mt 750 – 10 min. walk
Excavations of Villa Regina Km1,4 – 18 min. walk
Excavations of Oplonti Km2,5 – 30 min. walk
Sanctuary of Pompeii Km2,6 – 33 min. walk
Bathing establishments Km3,5 – 40 min. walk e7 min. by car
Scavi di Ercolano km 15 – 18 min. by car
Scavi di Stabia km 9,9 – 15 min. by car
Vesuvio 30 min. by car
Sorrento 35 min. by car
Ravello 50 min. by car
Positano 55 min. by car
Amalfi 60 min. by car


Naples Capodichino Airport is 24.5 km


Take the Circumvesuviana train to Pompeii and get off at Pompei Scavi-Villa dei Misteri which is 800 meters from our hotel.